Beri-Backer Inc. is in the business of selling aftermarket vehicle parts for custom vehicle modification. Beri-Backer Inc., including any and all legal representatives, employees, agents and subcontractors (the ‘Business’; operative on Instagram at “@beribacker”), for all intents and purposes, shall strictly not be held liable under any law of tort or contract for any losses or injuries sustained resulting from improper or incorrect use, installation or lack of maintenance of its products. Please read this disclaimer carefully before purchasing. By accessing and purchasing any products sold through the Business’ channels, you declare your full acceptance and understanding of this disclaimer. If you do not agree with any of the conditions herein, you may not purchase from Beri-Backer Inc. or access the Business’ media channels. All aftermarket products sold are on an AS IS basis. Installation of parts, bumpers, spoilers and other accessories is not included in the Business’ services. Installation is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the buyer, irrespective of the intended use of the products provided, whether for personal, commercial, industrial, governmental, or administrative use. You are expected to install the products purchased with utmost diligence and with due attention to all personal safety and precautionary measures, as well as undertake regular maintenance checks for safety and security of the installation. Beri-Backer Inc. and any of its employees, subcontractors, agents or representatives will strictly not be held responsible for any property or financial damages, physical harm, injury or loss inflicted upon yourself or others incurred through the installation of its products and you hereby accept sole responsibility for any consequential, financial or other losses suffered from incorrect installation or misuse. Through accessing the social media channels and/or purchasing its aforementioned services you agree to hold the Business harmless before the applicable court of law and waive your right to hold the same accountable for any direct or indirect, consequential or other loss or injury resulting from the use of any products provided.